Best of British Cocktail Sugar


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Experience the taste of patriotism with our Best of British sugar blend. Red, white, and blue sugars that add a sweet twist to your cocktails. Cheers to British flavours!

Best Of British: They say 'keep calm and carry on', but we say 'keep calm and cocktail on' with our Best Of British sugar blend. This is more than just a cocktail sugar; it's a salute to the red, white, and blue - a sweet homage to our fair isles that's sure to bring out your inner patriot.

Combining red, white, and blue sugars in a blend that's as visually delightful as it is delicious, our Best Of British is ready to sprinkle a dash of national pride on your cocktail rims.. But don't just stand there, let's get those tastebuds on parade!

How, you ask? Well, simply guide a lime or lemon wedge on a grand tour of your glass rim, then dive into the dazzling display of our Best Of British blend. It's not just a dip, it's a national event!

This colourful crowd-pleaser doesn't stop at adding a sweet rim to your drinks, though. It's the perfect partner for a British Bramble, adds a patriotic punch to a Black Velvet, plays beautifully with a Pimm's Cup, makes magic with an English Garden, and brings a burst of colour to a classic Gin & Tonic.

So, whether you're a die-hard Anglophile or just fancy a bit of British in your bevvy, the Best Of British is ready to rise to the occasion. Remember, at The Salty Rim Co, we don't just make cocktails, we make statements. So let's fly the flag high, one cocktail at a time. Bottoms up, Britain!


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