Blue Cocktail Sugar


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Add a touch of sky-blue magic to your cocktails with Blue Cocktail Sugar. Elevate your drink game with a splash of vibrant blue. Cheers to the blue life! ๐Ÿน๐Ÿ’™

Shimmer Blue Cocktail Sugar: Ever wished you could sip on a cloud, taste the sky, or drink in a summer's day? Well, dream no more, cocktail connoisseurs, because our Shimmer Blue Cocktail Sugar is here to make your blue-sky thinking a reality.

This isn't just a cocktail sugar, it's a daydream, a sweet breeze, a trip to cloud nine in a tin. Our Shimmer Blue Cocktail Sugar is the perfect blend of sweet and serene, a sugary sprinkle that'll make your cocktails look like they've been kissed by the summer sky.

Serving up this sky-blue sweetness is as simple as a Sunday morning. Just ask a lime or lemon wedge to pirouette around your glass rim, then introduce it to the azure allure of our Shimmer Blue Cocktail Sugar. It's more than just a dip; it's a skydive into sugary sweetness.

But please don't think it's just a pretty face. This cloud-kissed cutie knows how to party. It's divine with a Blue Lagoon, takes flight with an Aviation, is mesmerising in a Hpnotiq Martini, adds a touch of paradise to a Blue Hawaiian, and lends a frosty touch to a Frostbite Tequila.

So, here's to the Pale Blue Cocktail Sugar, the tranquil, the sweet, the serenely beautiful addition to your cocktail toolkit. Because at The Salty Rim Co., we believe that every sip should be an escape, and every cocktail should be a postcard from paradise. So let's paint the sky blue, one cocktail at a time. Here's to the sweet life, the blue life, the cocktail life. Bottoms up, dreamers!


Cocktail ideas:
Blue Hawaiian
Sapphire Martini
Blue Bayou


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