Pink Peppercorn Cocktail Salt


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Spice up your cocktails with Pink Peppercorn Cocktail Salt. A superb blend of sweet and spicy for a flavour adventure. Shake things up & sip with a kick! 🌶️🍹

Pink Peppercorn Cocktail Salt with Fresh Lime Zest:

Introducing from The Salty Rim Co., a sprinkle of sassy sophistication - our Pink Peppercorn Cocktail Salt, perfectly partnered with the zingy charm of fresh lime zest. This isn’t just any new offering; it’s the star of the show, ready to take centre stage in your home bar.

Infused with the daring spirit of pink peppercorns and the bright notes of just-grated lime zest, this blend promises to be the spark that lights up your mixology creations. It’s a jubilant union, set to infuse your cocktails with a burst of charismatic flavour. If your drinks menu has been awaiting a revolution, it’s arrived.

To enlist this vibrant mix in your cocktail repertoire, just coax a lime or lemon wedge around the edge of your glass and introduce it to the flamboyant world of our Pink Peppercorn and Lime Salt. More than a mere adornment; it’s a foray into uncharted territories of taste.

This concoction doesn’t only bring a warming sensation; it's a head-turner at every gathering. Imagine a Spicy Margarita with an extra layer of zest, a Bloody Mary that dances on the palate, or a Dirty Martini with an unexpected twist. It's the sunburst that brightens a Tequila Sunrise and the spark that gives a classic Gimlet a contemporary edge.

So, let’s welcome the Pink Peppercorn Cocktail Salt with Fresh Lime Zest – the fresh face at The Salty Rim Co. It’s vibrant, it’s bold, and it’s waiting to join your cocktail celebration. Because at The Salty Rim Co., we don't just mix flavours; we blend experiences. Here’s to the new chapter in your cocktail journey – may it be as vivacious and zestful as our latest creation.

Cheers to innovation in each tin!


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