Welcome, dear cocktail enthusiasts, to the enchanting tale of The Salty Rim Co., where passion meets expertise, and the humble Margarita is transformed into a delectable delight of legendary proportions. 🍸✨

Our story began in the bustling metropolis of New York, where our fearless heroine, Victoria, immersed herself in the mesmerising world of mixology. There, she developed an unwavering love affair with the enigmatic Margarita, a love that would follow her across the pond and back to the UK. 🗽🇬🇧

But alas! The perfect Margarita proved elusive in the land of crumpets and tea. One fateful evening, Victoria was served a pricey concoction marred by the indignity of table salt. It was then that her dashing husband, David, urged her to cease her laments and take matters into her own hands. Thus, The Salty Rim Co. was born! 🎉

This extraordinary family affair, starring the dynamic duo of Victoria & David and their delightful daughters, Scarlett & Violet, is the perfect mélange of bar and hotel expertise, a flair for entertaining, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional ingredients. 🥂

Handcrafted in recyclable tins with love and dedication, The Salty Rim Co.’s magnificent brim trims have dazzled taste buds from Birmingham to Brisbane, catering to both B2B and B2C clientele with unparalleled finesse. 🌍

So, come, join our family as we embark on a thrilling journey through the captivating world of cocktails, and allow us to add a dash of pizzazz to your glass with The Salty Rim Co.’s exquisite creations. Cheers! 🍹✨



Fuelled by Jaffa Cakes & Digestives.

Under the creative helm of The Salty Rim Co., you’ll find Victoria Fitzgerald, the imaginative mastermind behind our vibrant array of Margarita Salts and Cocktail Sugars. A dedicated mixologist turned entrepreneur, she weaves together flavours and colours with flair, always dreaming up the next great product, with an unfaltering Jaffa Cake at her side to fuel her inspiration.

However, every visionary needs a pragmatic sidekick to turn the grand designs into reality. Enter Violet Fitzgerald, the company’s 14-year-old whizz-kid and de facto operations manager. She keeps the gears of the business running smoothly, ensuring that every product is perfectly prepared and every customer perfectly pleased. Don’t let her age fool you, Violet is an organisational powerhouse, bringing a level of efficiency that keeps The Salty Rim Co. on its toes and continually exceeding expectations.

Together, this dynamic mother-daughter team brings you The Salty Rim Co.’s extraordinary flavour experience. With Victoria’s creativity and Violet’s precision, they promise to make your cocktails sparkle, your taste buds dance, and your hearts merry – all with a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of sugar.


As the heart and soul of The Salty Rim Co., Victoria Fitzgerald – Director and Owner – brings a wealth of passion and expertise to the brand. A former mixologist turned artisan salt and sugar creator, Victoria is the driving force behind the company’s unique and tantalising product range. From the depths of her vivid imagination springs an array of colours, textures, and flavours that make our Margarita Salts and Cocktail Sugars stand out in a crowd. With a Jaffa Cake in hand and a never-ending zest for innovation, she leads the company with charisma, ensuring the utmost quality and personality in every tin. Victoria’s favourite cocktail may be a Margarita, but her real joy comes from creating exceptional products that make every cocktail a special experience for her customers.


Under the banner of ‘Family Cheerleaders,’ you’ll find David and Scarlett, the backbone of unwavering support at The Salty Rim Co. Whether it’s a pat on the back after a long day, a friendly pep talk, or simply being the first to taste test Victoria and Violet’s newest creations, their encouragement is as consistent as it is invaluable. Their cheerleading efforts may be behind the scenes, but their impact is very much at the heart of our vibrant, family-run business. The family love to watch the sunsets in Ibiza or Italy.

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