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Swing into Summer with Margarita, Mojito, and Cosmo – The Salty Rim Co. Way!

Jun 30, 2023 | Great To Drink, Inspiration | 0 comments

“Honey, it’s not raining. Quick, get the cushions out!”

Warm rays on your face, chirpy birds serenading your day, and the sweet, sweet promise of cocktail hour – summer’s knocking at the door, folks! And who are we at The Salty Rim Co. to leave a guest waiting? We’re ready to greet summer in style, shaking up the cocktail scene with a twist, a dash, and a sprinkle of our award-winning cocktail salts and sugars. So, dust off your favourite cocktail shaker and join us as we take a romp through the divine trifecta of summer classics – Margarita, Mojito, and Cosmopolitan!

1. The Sun-Kissed Star: Margarita

Come on, you always knew this would be my first choice! Nothing screams ‘summer’ quite like a Margarita, and boy, do we have a zinger for you! Our Citrus Margarita Salt teamed with the Classic Margarita Recipe – so deliciously zesty – has earned its stripes (and a Great Taste Award) for a reason. A bit of this on your glass rim and every sip of your Margarita will have you twirling in a sunlit citrus waltz.

2. The Chill Chum: Mojito

Let’s take a breather from the heat, shall we? Enter the Mojito, a drink that’s as cool as a cucumber and as fresh as a daisy. Our Mint Cocktail Sugar teamed with this superb Mojito Recipe waltzes in, whispering sweet minty promises and, voilà! You’ve got yourself a Mojito that makes other cocktails green with envy.

3. The Blushing Belle: Cosmopolitan

Sophisticated, chic, and the life of the party – we’re talking about the Cosmopolitan, darling. And with a generous dusting of our Pink Cocktail Sugar used with this classic Cosmo Recipe, this ritzy little number is sure to send hearts aflutter. A crimson dream in a glass, your Cosmopolitan will be as delightful to behold as it is to sip.

The summer’s rolling in, and The Salty Rim Co. is ready to serve up a splash of adventure in every cocktail. Whether you’re hosting a high-spirited shindig or kicking back on a lazy afternoon, remember, we’re in your corner, armed with the finest cocktail salts and sugars to transform your ordinary drinks into extraordinary experiences. Life’s too short for a dull drink, so here’s to a deliciously dazzling summer. Bottoms up, folks!


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