Citrus Margarita Cocktail Salt


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Elevate your margaritas with Citrus Margarita Salt. Zesty and vibrant, it’s the perfect blend of hand-zested citrus fruits and premium salts. Cheers!

Citrus Margarita Salt: There's something about citrus that just screams 'party!' And at The Salty Rim Co, we've captured that vivacious vibe in our award-winning Citrus Margarita Salt. Imagine, if you will, a fiesta of hand-zested citrus fruits, laughing, dancing and mingling with our premium mixture of salts. The result? A tantalising, zesty blend that brings your cocktails to life in a burst of sunny flavours.

This is no ordinary salt, my friends, this is a sprinkle of sunshine, a dash of seaside zestiness, and a pinch of pizzazz all rolled into one. It's the life and soul of the cocktail party, the citrusy cherry on top of the margarita cake.

Using it is a doddle. Just coax a lemon or lime wedge to sashay around your glass rim, then dip it confidently into the tin of our Citrus Margarita Salt. Voila, you've just turned your cocktail into a carnival of flavours!

But wait, there's more. This citrus sensation doesn't just get along with margaritas, oh no. It’s the social butterfly of cocktail salts, happily hobnobbing with a zingy Whiskey Sour, a puckering Lemon Drop Martini, a refreshing Sea Breeze, and even adding a twist to a classic White Russian.

So, let's raise a glass to the Citrus Margarita Salt, the bold, the beautiful, the zest-tacular blend that's ready to samba onto your rim and bring the party to your palate. After all, we don’t do dull at The Salty Rim Co, we do dazzling. Cheers to the Citrus Margarita Salt, cheers to you, and cheers to living life with a twist of citrus!

In 2022 we won a GREAT TASTE AWARD and here's what the judges had to say:

Great appearance and a beautiful citrus aroma, both the lemon and the lime are distinguishable, and visually too. The salt has a wonderful mineral content and we doff our hat to the fine balance of citrus and salt. A wonderful zesty citrus aroma. A good crunch of salt crystals releases a well judged level of citrus which adds a further flavour dimension to this quality salt that is mineral rich.





1 review for Citrus Margarita Cocktail Salt

  1. Will Lucas (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant, the cherry on top of a perfect margarita! Customer service was exceptional.

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