Bloody Mary Brim Trim


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Enhance your Bloody Mary with our Bloody Mary Brim Trim. A savoury blend of herbs and spices to elevate your favourite brunch cocktail. Cheers!

Bloody Mary Brim Trim: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your cocktail grow? With herbs and spices, and everything nice, that's how! Allow us to introduce our Bloody Mary Brim Trim, the best buddy a Bloody Mary aficionado could ask for.

Our Brim Trim isn't just salt; it's a veritable harvest festival of herbs and spices all having a jamboree with our mixed salts. It's an herbaceous, spicy, salty extravaganza that's set to jazz up your rim and give your drink an extra punch of flavour.

Using our Bloody Mary Brim Trim is as easy as pie - or should we say, as easy as a Sunday brunch. Just take a lemon or lime wedge for a jaunt around your glass rim, then let it do a nosedive into this hearty blend. You're not just garnishing a glass; you're framing a masterpiece.

But don’t be fooled by the name, our Brim Trim is not just a one-trick pony. While it's simply sublime with a Bloody Mary, it's equally comfortable hanging out with a Caesar, Bullshot, Red Snapper, or adding a spicy kick to a Sangrita.

So let's make a toast to the Bloody Mary Brim Trim, the herbaceous hero of your cocktail hour. Remember, folks, at The Salty Rim Co, we believe that every cocktail should be a main event, and every rim should be a red carpet. So, grab your Brim Trim and let's get this party started. Bloody Mary never had it so good!

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  1. Will Lucas (verified owner)

    Yes! Absolutely spot-on for the perfect Bloody Mary. Looks so pretty too. Excellent customer service. Thank you

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