Bronze Cocktail Dust


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Elevate your cocktails with Bronze. A touch of sophistication, a sprinkle of elegance. Shimmering and delightful. Unleash your inner glam. Cheers to bronze-tastic sips! 🥂✨

Bronze Cocktail Dust: Prepare to dazzle, cocktail aficionados, because our Bronze Cocktail Dust is stepping onto the stage. This isn't just a cocktail sprinkle; it's a spotlight, a glimmering star, an Oscar-worthy performance in a tin. It's as decadent as a starlit soiree, as glamorous as an evening gown, and it's ready to bathe your cocktails in a warm, inviting glow.

Our Bronze Cocktail Dust is the perfect blend of rich and refined, a sparkling spectacle that will transform your cocktails into award-winning creations. Perfect for those 'why not?' moments, and equally at home in an Espresso Martini as it is on a hot chocolate, adding a dash of this dust is like sprinkling your drinks with stardust.

To bask in this bronze brilliance, all you need to do is invite a lime or lemon wedge to waltz around your glass rim, then take the plunge into the Dust. It's more than a dip; it's a red carpet roll-out for your taste buds.

But don't be fooled by its flashy exterior, this Bronze Cocktail Dust is a seasoned performer. It puts on a show with an Espresso Martini, gives a Champagne Cocktail a standing ovation, brings a French 75 into the limelight, adds drama to a Black Velvet, and transforms a classic Kir Royale into a cinematic masterpiece.

So, here's to the Bronze Cocktail Dust, the glam, the glitz, the sparkle in your cocktail night. Because at The Salty Rim Co., we believe every cocktail should be a showstopper, and every sip should be a standing ovation. Let's pop the corks and shake the shakers, one bronze-dusted cocktail at a time. Here's to the sweet life, the glam life, the cocktail life. Encore, my dears, encore!


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